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Gold Foil Bunny (Suspenders)

New Foil Bunny painting, just finished up.

Gold Foil Bunny (Suspenders)
44″ x 26″

I painted this one during a break from the series of three Foil Bunnies I’ve been working on. But now that it’s finished, I am back to work on the third and final large-scale canvas in that series:


Little Shiny Things at Root Hill Cafe on October 7th

Show coming up!

I’m happy to join the nice folks at ContaminateNYC for their CNYC Outbreak initiative in Gowanus by having a show of a bunch of my work at the fabulous Root Hill Cafe. The opening is Thursday, October 7th, and EVEN BETTER, they’ll be hosting a wine tasting in conjunction with DiVino on October 21st.

A wine tasting! do you hear me, a wine tasting!

Here are the details, copied from their web site–they will also be publishing a (surely frightening) video interview with me. I’ll post that when it’s ready.

Opening Reception: Oct. 7th, Thursday – 7:00pm – 10:00pm

Ongoing Exhibition: Oct. 7th – Nov. 1st

Wine Tasting: Oct. 21th, Thursday – 7:00pm – 10:00pm

@Root Hill Café
262 4th avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11215 (Map)

Installation at King Killer

My buddies over at King Killer Studios have got about ten million of my paintings hanging in their space:

Men Who Rule The World, Series 2

Iraqis on Iraqi TV

Evil Child and Men Who Rule the World, Series 1

OK, maybe ten million is an exaggeration?

Marbles #6, 99.9999% finished


This still needs some work…But it’s JUST ABOUT there.

And then! Another big-assed foil bunny.

But in the meantime, I am working on a smaller canvas in addition to finishing up Marbles #6:


This is from a weird, old photo I found while researching my family genealogy. I have no idea who is in the photo, or what exactly is going on there… But it’s an interesting little side project. I may do a couple more in this vein.

Empty Walls / Shows / Marbles

Well, I often DO say I want to paint in a completely empty room with blank white walls–and I practically have my wish right now.




Save for a few scant things, all of the paintings you’d normally see hanging in my studio are currently up in the fabulous Gawker show, or about to be packaged to go to the GE Women’s History Month Exhibit in Scranton, CT. I’ve also loaned a few to my buddies at King Killer Studios, across the street.

Oh did I MENTION I am in these two big shows? The Gawker show is up until the end of April–they have about 20 of my pieces. And the GE Women’s History Month show goes up next week and runs through March.

Here’s a little update photo for Marbles #5. This one is a LOT of fun to paint…



AGAST Open Studio Tour next weekend (Oct 18 & 19)

A quick note:

Next Saturday and Sunday, October 18 & 19, from 1-6pm, I will be participating in the annual AGAST Open Studios Tour.


This is an annual tour of the artists’ studios in the Gowanus area, and over 150 artists will be opening their studios to the public next weekend I’ve done this tour for the past three years, and it is a lot of fun and quite well-attended (there were over 3000 people who came through last year). It’s fun, free, and kid-friendly…

You can check out the map and see the other artists who are participating at The AGAST Web site.

So drop by and have a glass of wine with me–I’m in the building at 94 9th Street, between Smith and 2nd Avenue (about a block from the Smith/9th Street F/G subway stop).

progress on small Marbles painting

ALMOST finished! Actually, most of you probably won’t see much difference between what you see in this photo and the final, finished version. But there’s a lot more detail and blending that still needs to be completed.


And a detail:


Photo out the window this evening:



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